IBM’s Watson to take on customer service next


IBM’s Watson artificial intelligence system has already taken on game shows, the medical profession and tertiary education, now it is time for it to try its ‘hand’ at something new.

That new role is in customer service, with a new version of Watson called the IBM Watson Engagement Advisor that will be using cognitive computing programming to assist with customer service queries. As with previous outings the AI system will be using the experience in this new field to do more learning in addition to being a customer service representative.

Watson will be in action at the Royal Bank of Canada and finance firm ANZ, among other places. Watson will also be getting an Ask Watson feature that will average people submit customer service queries to the AI via email, SMS or over a chat system. Given how difficult customer interaction is even for trained humans, this latest experience should be a challenge for IBM’s supercomputer.

Source: PopSci


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