Vodacom adds extras for Smart, Red contract early adopters


Vodacom launched its Smart and Red contract in March of this year, a series of contracts that includes limitless calls for its VIP package, and they have just sweetened the deal for early adopters of the contract.

All of the contracts will have their SMS and data limits increased from 1 June this year, going up from their previously listed caps to a new total. The Smart S contract, the cheapest option from Vodacom, will see free SMS messages rise to 200 per month from 150 and the data cap will be raised from 150MB a month to 200MB. The VIP package will be getting 2GB of data per month instead of 1.5GB and these totals will apply for the remainder of the user’s contract.

Chief Officer of Vodacom’s Consumer Business Unit, Phil Patel, said “We wanted to reward the early adopters who have bought into our new integrated plan concept. Not only are our packages worry free, we’ve even managed to do something few mobile networks have been able to do and give our customers a positive surprise.”

The full list of changes to Vodacom’s contracts are below. The promotion can be taken advantage as from yesterday, 19 May, until 9 August this year with the new limits kicking in on 1 June.

Advantage Premium VIP
Anytime Talk
75 120 250 400 700 1 200 Limitless
Mobile Internet 75MB 120MB 250MB 400MB 700MB 1 200MB 1 500MB
Anytime Text 150 240 500 800 Limitless Limitless Limitless
New Promotional Mobile Internet 200MB 300MB 500MB 800MB 1 000MB 1 600MB 2 000MB
New Promotional Anytime Text 200 300 500 800 Limitless Limitless Limitless
Smartphone included R199 R299 R499 R699 R999 R1 599 R1 999

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