Google rumoured to be releasing Android 4.3 with a white Nexus 4 soon


A rumour doing the rounds after the Google I/O developer event claims that Google is planning on releasing Android 4.3 into the wild soon. The operating system update will apparently be found first on a white Nexus 4 handset that was spotted at the event (pictured above).

The Android and Me technology blog claims that the white Nexus 4 will be released to the public via the Google Play store on 10 June this year and that it would be bringing the first instance of Android 4.3 with it. The website also speculates that the updated OS will be pushed out to existing Nexus 4, 7 and 10 devices at around the same time.

As far as what can be expected from Android 4.3, it appears to be a minor update based on the information available. Support for Bluetooth Smart and possibly OpenGL ES 3.0 are the only known additions so far.

Source/Image: Android and Me via Digital Trends


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