Google to sell its own version of the Galaxy S 4


Google has a new Nexus handset and it is one that smartphone users are probably familiar with. At Google I/O yesterday the search giant disclosed the newest addition to the Nexus lineup. They just haven’t called it a Nexus, probably because it is better known as Samsung’s Galaxy S 4.

Because Google will be offering their own version of the S 4, it will be somewhat different to Samsung’s edition. The Google Galaxy S 4 will be running vanilla Android 4.2 at launch, without Samsung’s TouchWiz UI, and will also ship with an unlocked bootloader. One possibly nasty part of this package would be the price compared to other Google handsets, Google’s Galaxy S 4 will dent overseas wallets to the tune of $649 (R6,100 or so).

Whether the TouchWiz-free Galaxy S 4 will make it to South Africa is unknown at this time but it will be available directly from Google from 26 June. If it does get this side of the pond, we can probably expect a bit of a markup on the price. For now, The Verge has a first look at the device.

Source: The Verge


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