Microsoft turfing Microsoft Points to implement universal gift card system


Microsoft’s Microsoft Points system, long a staple of the Xbox Live online service, is going to be going away. A report from The Verge cites sources “familiar with Microsoft’s Xbox plans” as saying that the virtual currency will be giving way to something else.

That something else would be gift cards that act in much the same way as iTunes vouchers, being redeemable for a cash value to be spent on Microsoft’s Xbox Live as well as in the Windows and Windows Phone online stores.

Users reportedly won’t be confined to the gift cards, standard transactions with a credit card and, overseas, debit card will be supported as well. Microsoft is apparently planning to unveil the new system at or around E3 next month, with a launch to follow at the same time that Microsoft’s soon-to-be-announced console is launched.

Source: The Verge


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