Google to unveil Spotify competitor at Google I/O later today – report


Unnamed sources close to Google have said that Google will be unveiling a subscription-based music service at the search company’s Google I/O event later today. This isn’t new, there have been previous reports that lend credence to this claim.

Sources, speaking to The Verge, also said that Google has signed licensing deals with Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment for both YouTube and Google Play, adding to an unconfirmed earlier report that said that Google has signed up Warner Music Group to the same ends. The intent is that Google will offer a streaming music service, for a fee of course.

Several reports are claiming that Google’s offering will not be free-of-charge, with a likely cost being somewhere in the region of $10 per month. If correct this would position Google to get the jump on Apple, who have reportedly been trying to get a similar music service, which would compete with music streaming offerings like Pandora and Spotify, off the ground for some time now.

Source: Ars Technica


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