Tips and Tricks for the Samsung Galaxy S4


The Samsung Galaxy S4 is packed to the brim with features and facilities. Some Galaxy S4 owners are keen to dive deeply and explore these features, whilst other just stick to the “basics”.

Post my Galaxy S4 review, I here are some quick Tips and Tricks that you can do today to optimise your Galaxy S4 Life Companion experience:
1. Notification Menu:
The notification menu is accessible when you swipe down from the top of the device. It has the default quick access icons such as WiFi, GPS, Sound and the rest of the icons are accessible by swiping to the right.
If you are constantly accessing an app that is not instantly visible, you can customise this notification menu and reorder the apps listed there.
How to get to these settings: Settings, tap the Grid Icon (looks like tiles), tap the pencil and now you can reorganise the quick access buttons to an order that suits you.

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2. The Calls:

You can customise how the Galaxy S4 will behave when a call comes in. There are many features here so it is worth spending a bit of time in these menus but here are some of the ones I would like to highlight:

Call Rejection Messages – these are simple text messages that will be SMSed to the caller when you can not answer their call. You can enter your own messages such as “I cant talk now, in a meeting.”
Answering/ Ending calls – you can enable the home button to accept an incoming call, answer calls using Voice so when your phone rungs you can simply say “Answer” or “Reject” to deal with the call.
Increase volume in pocket – tap this option to get an extra boost to the level of your ringtone.
Internet Call Settings – if you have a SIP number, you can add that to your device so that the S4 can accept calls on the SIP number and you can also make calls using this SIP account.  These are typically used in office switchboards that has Voice over IP functionality – ask your IT admin if you have one or find a free or paid for SIP provider online.

How to get to these settings: Settings, My Device, Call

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3. Fast/ Slow Video:

When you are in the Camera mode, change to Video and then you can change the recoding mode from Normal to Slow Motion and to Fast Motion for those Steven Spielberg moments in you. You can even set the speed to slow down or speed up the action that you are filming. Fun to play with these.

How to get to these settings: Camera, Video Mode, Slow Motion / Fast Motion

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4. Adapt Sound:

This featured allows you to optimise the sound quality that comes out of the S4. Whilst the device already has great sound, we all hear differently and this option allows you to find the best quality for you. Hook up the earphones and tap the start button, then follow the instructions.

How to get to these settings: Settings, Sound, Adapt Sound (right at the very bottom)

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This article was written by and reposted from Liron Segev’s The Techie Guy blog.


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