Sony’s big line-up at SonyCon Africa – super mega compact version


Sony Conference Africa was big. Big in scope and big in ambition as the orders came from Dubai to host all of Sony’s African channel partners and press at the V&A. It was in truth a wonderful sojourn despite being sauaged through myriad of demo rooms, styled retail with all of Sony’s latest.

There were literally hundreds of new products on display, many of which will be gracing the pages of Stuff magazine in the near future. In a meantime, here’s the lowdown.

After the connected kit mentioned here, Sony demonstrated its take on what local sound should be like in a HiFi a range called Shake. Gaudy, complete with flashing coloured lights everywhere, the new gear is devastatingly loud with not too much attention to fidelity. Perfect for waking the neighbours, summoning law enforcement and sabotaging tertiary education.

The next room was headphones and VAIOs. Sony has a nifty underwater MP3 player (NWZ-W273) en route which almost overshadowed the hero MDR-XB920, an on ear set with big poofy drivers that throw huge amounts of bass into your brain. The VAIO Duo was the star of the ultra’s, tablets and transformer wannabes. The whole range comes with optional touch and somehow Sony have managed to achieve fair bass response from the ultrabooks packing itty-bitty sub-woofers.

The camera room brought about a few nice surprises. New e-mount lenses, the Alpha99, projectors on handy-cams such as the HDR-PJ790, a whopping 50x zoom on the HX300 and an Action Cam. The latter HDR-AS15 proved to be the crowd winner, competing heavily with the GoPros, priced between the White and Silver.

Next was the Bravio TVs. Sadly the 4k range left us scarred for the awesomeness; the next step in high definition is a monstrous leap dripping in peripheral innovation, even when upscaling from regular, boring old HD. There were sound-bars to compliment, surround sound systems with football settings and a host of other bells and whistles like connected TVs, none of which mattered after the super resolution. Check out the XBR-55X900A for a taste although your screen probably cant handle the awesome.

It was a vast showing by Sony with many new products on the roadmap, although we weren’t sure if we were overwhelmed by the variety or just underwhelmed by the lack of movement outside of TV. Only time and copious reviews here and in Stuff magazine will tell.


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