IBM have made the world’s smallest movie – A Boy and His Atom


IBM have set themselves a Guinness World Record for the smallest movie ever made thanks to a 60-second short that uses atoms to animate a tale called A Boy and His Atom.

Filmed by IBM’s Almaden Research Lab using a piece of equipment called a scanning tunneling microscope. The short film uses atoms manipulated by the microscope or rather a pair of them. The atoms are placed for individual frames, which are then shot, making this 242-frame clip the smallest stop-motion animation ever. It may also have a crack at the most expensive equipment ever used on a film category.

The end result, which is the video/IBM advert that you can see below, is seen at around 100 million times its actual size.

IBM explains more about how A Boy and His Atom was made in this ‘Making of’ video.

Source: AllThingsD


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