World’s first website goes back to its original location to celebrate 20 years of the World Wide Web


The world’s first public website,, has been restored to its original location in honor of 20 years “of a free, open web.”

Today marks two decades since the World Wide Web was made publicly available by CERN, royalty-free. Since that date internet memes, cat videos and heaps of new technology including social networks, streaming audio and video and places like Stuff have come into being, almost none of which would have been possible without the decision being taken to make the web freely available.

CERN has decided to commemorate the anniversary,  saying “To mark the anniversary of the publication of the document that made web technology free for everyone to use, CERN is starting a project to restore the first website and to preserve the digital assets that are associated with the birth of the web.” The eventual goal is to turn into a internet museum that tells the story of the birth of the internet.

Source: The Verge


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