Budweiser Brazil intros a new way to add Facebook friends. It involves beer


Budweiser Brazil have decided to unveil a new method of adding friends to your Facebook profile, even if just bumping into random strangers at events is stretching the term ‘friends’ just a little.

The innovation is called the Buddy Cup, a beer receptacle that can be linked to the wielder’s Facebook profile. The cup is based around LilyPad, tech which is usually used on clothing, and the holder’s Facebook profile is linked to the cup by scanning a QR code at the base of the glass with a specific app. When two Buddy Cups are touched together, the two holders are linked as Facebook friends.

Aside from the possibilities for extreme mischief that Budweiser Brazil’s invention presents, it could work out quite nicely. Right up until you wake up after a particularly crazy event to find 300-odd new Facebook friends that you can’t remember. The Buddy Cup will be used at Budweiser-sponsored events and concerts.

Source: Engadget


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