Samsung rumoured to be developing rugged version of the Galaxy S 4


Samsung is said to be working on a more rugged version of its Galaxy S 4 handset, possibly in response to Sony’s Xperia Z which is reportedly selling extremely well.

It is being reported that Samsung Gulf Electronics President Young Soo Kim, speaking in Dubai earlier this week, said that a rugged version of the company’s new flagship is on the way and that the device will be both waterproof and dustproof.

Whether the report is accurate is another story but Samsung have released rugged handsets in the past. They just haven’t featured the sort of high-end hardware being packed into the Galaxy S 4.

Digital Trends notes that Samsung have yet to officially confirm such a device but also speculates that the rugged device, if one is forthcoming, has a chance of being the Galaxy S 4 Mini, which has yet to be officially revealed.

Source: Digital Trends


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