Windows 8.1 said to be bringing back the Start button


Microsoft will apparently be bringing the Start button back when the Windows 8 operating system is upgraded to 8.1.

The Verge reports that sources “familiar with Microsoft’s plans” have said that Microsoft will be returning the well-known Start button to the OS, though it won’t be functioning the same way as it always has. Instead of acting as a full Start menu, it will apparently only allow users to access the Start Screen.

The return of the Start button, which isn’t currently featured in preview builds of Windows 8.1, is apparently based on customer feedback. The Windows 8 update will seemingly also feature a ‘boot to Desktop‘ option when it releases as well. Microsoft has yet to confirm these features but their inclusion via update may see an uptick in the number of new Windows 8 installs taking place.

Source: The Verge


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