Nokia reported to be working on a phablet-sized handset


Nokia, according to a Financial Times report, is working on a larger-than-usual phone. The apparent device will be designed along the lines, size-wise, of Samsung’s Galaxy Note handset.

The rumoured phone may be in response to Microsoft’s pending Windows Phone 8 update, which The Verge reports will allow the operating system to support 1080p resolutions, among other updates. Nokia might be looking to capitalise on that.

Other phones that Nokia apparently has in the works include an EOS PureView Lumia device that is said to be releasing in July this year. Another Lumia, codenamed “Catwalk”, is apparently a “more advanced” addition to the product line. It is being speculated that Catwalk will feature an aluminium frame after images of an unknown Lumia prototype turned up online.

Source: The Verge


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