TomTom launches its own range of GPS sports watches


TomTom have taken the lessons learned from making the Nike+ SportsWatch GPS to heart it seems, so much so that the company has announced its own line of GPS sports watches.

TomTom announced today the TomTom Runner and TomTom Multi-Sport GPS armpieces, both of which feature “an extra-large display, full-screen graphical training tools and the industry’s first one-button control”. The watches are being touted as “ultra-slim”, with the watch itself measuring just 11.5mm.

The devices feature TomTom’s Graphical Training Partner, which is comprised of the Race, Goal and Zone tools. Race lets users compete against a previous time on the track, Goal lets users set a distance or calorie count to achieve and Zone lets users set a pace or heart-rate target. Zone also functions with the optional heart-rate monitor that will be available.

TomTom hasn’t revealed the pricing or availability of the Runner and Multi-Sport just yet. Stuff will keep you posted when they do.

Source: Engadget


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