Sony ISP introduces world’s fastest home internet connection to Japan


Japanese internet service provide So-net, which is backed by Sony, has rolled out the world’s fastest home internet connection in Japan. The new “Nuro” service clocks in at 2Gbps.

Nuro, which launched yesterday in Japan, will cost users in Tokyo and surrounding areas around $51 (R470) a month on a two-year contract with the ISP. It isn’t clear whether there is a data cap on that connection but it will also feature a 1Gbps upload speed. Rental of an optical network unit (ONU) is included in the pricing.

So-net says that the new connection uses the Gigabit-capable Passive Optics Networks (GPON) standard, which supports a downstream speed of up to 2.488 Gbps.

The rollout in Japan may prove to be depressing a little closer to home, highlighting just how expensive data speeds in South Africa really are. The average 2Mbps uncapped line in South Africa will cost in the region of R600 when line rental from Telkom is factored in.

Source: ComputerWorld


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