Fujitsu demos touchscreen interface for paper and other conventional surfaces


Fujitsu Laboratories has got something new for tech-heads to get excited over. The latest development from the Japanese company combines standard real-world surfaces with technology to come up with a touch interface that has the potential to do some amazing things.

The new user interface, which seems to have just been dubbed ‘touchscreen interface’, allows users to import information from real-world documents and books to a digital format using a camera, projector and the user’s finger. It turns pretty much anything into a touchscreen surface, with the user’s hands cutting, cropping and manipulating overlaid images when touching a surface. Once imported, the digital versions of these items can be arranged and altered on the same surface.

It is also able to read gestures with the same precision that it measures finger positions, allowing the system to be used to rotate and manipulate virtual 3D objects. On paper this sounds impressive but it looks even better in practice. Diginfo has some footage (below) of the interface in action. Fujitsu reportedly wants to bring the tech to the market by 2014.

Source: Digital Trends


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