Crucial prices 960GB M500 SSD, costing around R6 per GB


Crucial has announced, via a press release, a new series of solid-state hard drives available in a range of capacities from 120GB to 960GB. The big news with regards to the announcement isn’t the M500 series of SSDs though, the pricing is the remarkable bit. If Crucial’s latest product drop is any indication then solid-state hard drives are about to get a whole lot cheaper.

The more conventional drive sizes of 120GB, 240GB and 480GB are available for $130 (R1,160), $220 (R2,000) and $400 (R3,570) respectively but the $600 (R5,355) pricing for the 960GB M500 works out to be the cheapest SSD on the market to date. It still isn’t cheap, as far as storage space goes but it is by far the cheapest drive of its type seen so far.

Crucial’s largest new drive ends up costing a little under R6 per GB, with the pricing for the 960GB comparing favourably to the local cost of a 480GB capacity SSD. Picking up a 64GB Crucial solid-state drive in South Africa at the moment will cost about R100 less than the current overseas price for the newly announced 120GB offering, which may make importing some new hardware from the UK an attractive proposition. When or if Crucial’s latest is announced for the South African market, hopefully the overseas price plummet remains in place.

Source: Ars Technica


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