MTN’s cloud services to go live this month following trial


MTN has announced that it will be going live in some African countries this month with a selection of cloud-based services following successful trials of the offering.

South Africa, one of the countries that were involved in the trial, does not have a launch date for MTN’s cloud services but Ghana and Nigeria will be getting access to MTN Cloud tomorrow, 10 April.The other four participating countries, including South Africa, will see the service rolled out later in the year.

Part of MTN Cloud includes, according to a statement from the company, “…Office Desktop, a cost-effective email and collaborative software, Mozypro, a back-up service for the effective management of files and servers, and Dialcom, an on-demand video conferencing offering.”

“Also on offer were McAfee, a popular anti-virus and anti-spam security software, Averiware, used for companies’ HR, accounting, finance and sales force automation needs, and Microsoft SharePoint, a staff and cross functional collaborative tool. This is in addition to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, a customer relations management tool.”

MTN’s Group Enterprise Business Unit executive Farhad Khan said “What the pilot project confirmed is that our offerings are on the mark. There is great appetite for ICT solutions that are relevant, customised and affordable. SMEs are looking to technology service providers such as MTN to bring them world-class tools that improve their business efficiencies. MTN Cloud offers exactly that.”

MTN will be offering a 30-day trial to its business customers when MTN Cloud becomes available in the various regions. Subscribers will be able to pay for cloud-based service with airtime, with pricing to be announced later.


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