FNB’s eBucks programme pays out R3 billion to members to date


First National Bank’s eBucks reward programme has paid out R3 billion in eBucks since the programme kicked off in 2000.

This averages out to about R230 000 earned by members a year over the thirteen years that eBucks has been active, though the last R2 billion was accumulated from 2008 onwards. eBucks reached a total of R1 billion earned by members in 2008, R2 billion in August 2011 with the most recent milestone being reached in a comparatively short period compared to the previous two.

FNB’s CEO Michael Jordaan said in a statement “FNB customers remain the primary beneficiaries of the R3 billion earned to date. As a bank, we always look at various ways to help our customers by creating innovative solutions that puts money back in their pockets, and we are delighted to have made such a real difference in our customers’ lives through eBucks.”

“The fact that our customers have adopted smarter, more sensible banking behaviour, and members are keeping their FNB cards front of wallet to pay for their purchases so that they earn rewards, indicates that eBucks is a resounding success.”


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