Google in talks to acquire Whatsapp – report


Cross-platform messaging service Whatsapp has been generating a lot of interest, first by being linked to talks with Facebook and now Whatsapp is rumoured to be in talks with Google.

A report, via Digital Trends, cites a single “inside source” as saying that the two companies have been negotiating the possibility of Google acquiring Whatsapp. The negotiations have apparently been taking place for several weeks and the asking price for the cross-platform messaging service is reportedly close to $1 billion at the moment.

There is some doubt about whether Whatsapp would justify a $1 billion price tag unless Google has something very lucrative in mind for the application. On the other hand, in Whatsapp’s favour is an install base across a wide range of platforms, something that would make the service very attractive to Google and anyone else looking to acquire the company.

Whether Google is currently speaking to Whatsapp is unconfirmed right now but, if the rumour proves correct, such a deal might be the high-profile acquisition of 2013, much like Facebook’s 2012 Instagram purchase.

Source: CNET


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