Samsung set to open stores at Best Buy outlets in US


Taking a page out of Apple’s book and rewriting it slightly is something that critics could claim Samsung does on a regular basis. A new announcement from the company reveals that the South Korean company is sort of emulating Apple’s retail outlets but they are doing it in a very different manner.

Samsung announced yesterday that the company will be opening stores-within-stores at Best Buy outlets in the US, starting this month. The company reportedly plans to open 900 of these Incep-stores before the end of April, with a further 500 to follow at a later stage.

The stores will be called Samsung Experience Shops and will, by all accounts, sport a similar experience to that offered by Apple, with Experience Consultants who will “assist with product demonstrations, basic product services, Samsung account set up, warranty registration and post purchase support.”The stores will have the advantage of a broader range of products than Apple offers at present. Best Buy isn’t likely to complain about any extra customers Samsung’s initiative brings in either.

Source: Digital Trends


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