Facebook to announce its “New Home on Android” this week


Facebook has a new announcement coming this week, according to media invitations issued last week which bear the words “Come See Our New Home on Android”.

Just what Facebook will be revealing at the event, which is set for 4 April at the company’s California HQ, is uncertain. The social network isn’t saying anything more about the event just yet but there is speculation that a Facebook handset, like the one rumoured to be in the works with HTC as a hardware partner, will be announced.

Speculation is based on apparent leaks giving the specifications of the handset, from a relatively minor 5 megapixel rear camera and 1.6 megapixel front camera to a 4.3-inch display and 16GB of storage. What is supposed to be unique is the operating system for the device, which would be a custom version of Android with an emphasis on… Facebook, of course.

The rumours are unconfirmed however and the announcement may just be a new Android app, or new Android-related features for the social network but a full media announcement seems, at this point, a little excessive for something along those lines.

Source: The Guardian


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