Amazon’s rumoured smartphone crops up again, said to sport 4.7-inch display


There have been rumours that Amazon has a smartphone in the works for some time now, with one report suggesting that the company would be partnering with Foxconn to create some mobile hardware.

The rumour has resurfaced with a little more detail attached. Chinese website DigiTimes, which has a sometimes-accurate, sometimes-not history when it comes to rumours of this nature, cites unnamed industry supply chain sources as saying that Amazon will be releasing a handset in the second quarter of 2013.

The phone is said to feature a 4.7-inch display chosen after the company turned away from a 4.3-inch version, seemingly in the wake of the increase in screen sizes for the most popular current handsets. Amazon is apparently also tweaking the device’s specifications at the moment. The report also states that Amazon’s launch of the phone may be delayed from a Q2 release, saying that production at hardware partner Foxconn “has not been as smooth as expected.”

Source: Digital Trends


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