Retro games to get a brand new (all-in-one) console


Home console gaming has a rather varied history considering how young the pastime actually is and a company by the name of Hyperkin intends to take some gamers back to their roots will an upcoming console.

The console, the RetroN 5, has just been announced and only exists as a concept image at the moment but it will eventually become a nostalgia machine capable of playing titles from the dawn of popular home video games. When it exists as a physical console the RetroN 5 will give owners access to game consoles from days past in a single unit, from the NES and SNES to SEGA’s Genesis console to the Famicon and the Gameboy Advance.

The console will support the original controllers for these home consoles, should there still be any lying around, and will support the various console types via five slots that will play the original games while using a unified set of hardware to power the whole setup. The RetroN 5 will be using an unspecified ARM SoC at its heart and will ship with a Bluetooth controller for the unit as well as AV and HDMI support. Some form of upscaling is in the works for those who opt for some HDMI loving. Best of all, the console will allow players to save the state of their games, something that mostly wasn’t a feature when these dinosaurs roamed the Earth.

Unfortunately there is no release date for the console just yet, nor is the pricing final but Hyperkin have got their sights set on the original PlayStation and the N64 console from Nintendo next. Whether these will happen, due to patents and the technical difficulties involved, also isn’t certain but hopefully they can pull it off.

Source: Engadget


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