Apple acquires indoor mapping company WiFiSlam


Apple has bought WiFiSlam, a company that has created a product that allows users to locate themselves and other users inside buildings using smartphones and “ambient Wi-Fi signals that are already present”.

Reported via the Wall Street Journal’s Digits blog, Apple has confirmed the acquisition of the company but didn’t elaborate on the details behind it, saying that Cupertino “buys smaller technology companies from time to time”. An unnamed source has said that the small indoor location company was purchased for the sum of $20 million.

What Apple may have in mind for the indoor smartphone location technology isn’t certain. It may be that Apple really is just buying up the tech on a whim but it is also possible that Apple intends to have something in reserve to compete with Nokia’s Destination Maps offering. It is also no secret that Google has been developing indoor mapping so Apple does have at least one more reason to keep up with the competition.

Source: CNET


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