We’ve 3D-printed everything else, why not add a house to the list


The list of products that can be 3D-printed has been lengthening considerably over the past year, encompassing everything from embryonic stem cells to chocolate.

A Dutch architectural firm, DUS Public Architecture, aims to top pretty much everything done in the 3D printing world recently, in scale at least. Aided by the massive KamerMaker 3D printer, which is capable of printing furniture among other things, the firm hopes to become the first to create a wholly-3D printed house.

The plan is to use the KamerMaker printer to create the first room of the house, a process that is expected to take six months. From there the remainder of the building will be created and assembled over the next three years. The company has an itemised list of what it wants to accomplish and when they’d like to have it done by. The experimental project will eventually lead to further experiments in 3D printing, with the house forming the center of the whole endeavor.

Source: PopSci


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