LG announces Optimus G Pro eye-recognition feature, makes Samsung’s eye-tracking even more plausible


LG’s latest announcement of a new eye-recognition feature that will be included in the Optimus G Pro handset has lent support to rumours that Samsung’s Galaxy S IV handset will feature eye-tracking scrolling. It doesn’t hurt LG that their announcement might just steal a little of Samsung’s thunder in the meantime.

LG has detailed the new feature, which should be hitting Optimus G Pro phones in Korea next month, by saying that the Smart Video upgrade for the device will use the front-facing camera to keep watch on a user’s eyes while they are watching a video. When or if the user looks away, the video will automatically pause, resuming when their eyes return to the display.

LG says that the feature will appear in their higher-end phones in future. The company will also be adding a dual-camera function with the Smart Video update that will allow users to take a photograph with the front and rear cameras at the same time.

Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone is set to be revealed a little later on today, when we’ll find out if the Optimus G Pro announcement was a preemptive strike or not.

Source: AllThingsD


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