Volvo announces cyclist detection system at Geneva Motor Show


Motor vehicle manufacturer Volvo has unveiled a new cyclist detection and braking system for their cars at the Geneva Motor Show.

An upgraded version of the company’s pedestrian detection system, which was launched in 2010, Volvo says that the new system will be able to detect if a cyclist were to swerve in front of one of their vehicles and assist in collision avoidance by sounding an alarm and applying the brake automatically.

The detection system is an optional extra that needs to be ordered while the vehicles are still in the factory, where the upgraded processor, grille-mounted radar system and camera would have to be installed. It will only be available for seven of Volvo’s currently available eleven models of car and will set buyers back at least £1,850 (a little over R25,000).

Volvo is already working an an even more advanced system that will also allow for the detection and avoidance of larger animals. In May this year Volvo will also be releasing a car that deploys an airbag from the bonnet of the car in the event of a collision with a pedestrian or cyclist. The bonnet-deployed airbag is apparently designed to prevent head injuries in pedestrians.

Source: BBC


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