Polaroid, Socialmatic ink deal to create Instragram-shaped instant camera


Socialmatic, “a company focused on creativity and innovation”, has signed a deal with C&A Licensing (Polaroid) to bring out a Polaroid-branded digital instant camera based on both the Polaroid OneStep camera and, it seems, Instagram.

The concept images for the proposed camera (left) look an awful lot like the Instagram icon, which was itself based off a plane view of the OneStep shooter. The design isn’t final and could change before the camera’s projected release in Q1 2014 but there is no indication whether the digital instant camera will actually Instragram-like filters for real-world shooting.

The unnamed camera is reportedly going to feature an interchangeable lens system, a 4.3″ touchscreen, Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity and 16GB of storage. That amount of space could allow for an Android OS however, potentially permitting Instagram on an Instagram-shaped Polaroid camera.

Source: Engadget


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