Judge cuts Samsung payout to Apple by 40%, orders new damages trial


The $1 billion payout that Apple won from competitor Samsung in last years massive patent trial has been slashed almost in half by Judge Lucy Koh, a move that could make Cupertino very annoyed or very pleased.

Judge Koh last week cut some 40% off the payout total ($450.5 million), saying that the jury had miscalculated a portion of the damages due to Apple in the case. But it doesn’t end there.

Judge Koh ordered that a new jury trial take place in order to decide how much Samsung will be held liable for, for the 14 devices that formed part of the miscalculation. There will not be a new trial regarding infringement however, the new trial is only to determine damages. The damages stand for another 14 devices listed in last year’s ruling.

The court-ordered trial could see new damages awarded in excess of the amount Judge Koh has lopped off but it could also see the South Korean company held liable for substantially less or, though unlikely, perhaps even get off the hook completely with regards to some devices.

Source: BBC


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