Microsoft launches Office 365 packages for businesses


Microsoft’s cloud-based Office 365 software, the standard and Home Premium version of which released locally last month, has just seen two new packages tailored for businesses launch.

Office 365 Small Business Premium and Office 365 Midsize Business are joining the already-launched Enterprise solution and the packages seem ideal for South Africa’s smaller startups.

Priced at around R1,600 per user per year, Office 365 Small Business Premium is designed for businesses that have between one and ten employees. To that end the Small Business Premium edition will be offering buyers the core Office applications as well as business email, access to shared calendars, website tools and HD video conferencing functions. Microsoft says that this particular offering is an “easy-to-manage service that doesn’t require IT expertise.”

Office 365 Midsize Business on the other hand “provides midsize businesses with the enterprise-quality communication and collaboration tools they want, and the simplified IT tools they need to maintain control while reducing complexity.” At a cost of roughly R1,750 per user per year medium sized businesses will get Active Directory integration, an administration console (web-based) and phone support during business hours along with the core Office functions.

Microsoft South Africa’s Office lead Uriel Rootshtain said in a statement “With Office 365, everyone from large enterprises to small businesses to individual consumers can now benefit from the power of Office and the connectivity of the cloud. This release unlocks new scenarios and delivers capabilities that far surpass anything available in browser-only solutions.”


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