Leap Motion gesture controller to go on sale in May


Leap Motion’s Leap gesture-based controller, which last year looked like it was ready to top Microsoft’s Kinect peripheral in terms of accurate motion detection, is almost ready to go on sale in the States.

13 May is the date that those who pre-ordered the motion-sensing tech when it was initially revealed will have their orders start shipping. Soon afterwards, on 19 May, the device will be arriving at Best Buy stores in the States. The device is still available for pre-order, though it will cost prospective buyers $80 (R710) instead of the introductory $70 price. South African buyers will also have an extra $15 tacked onto that total for shipping.

Leap Motion co-founder and CEO Michael Buckwald said in a press release “We’re honored and humbled that hundreds of thousands of people have joined Leap Motion’s global community of developers, pre-order consumers and business partners.”

“We know people have been eagerly waiting, and today I’m happy to announce we’re bringing the Leap Motion Controller to the world less than a year after we introduced our technology. We’re taking the time needed to provide an incredible user experience and robust ecosystem of applications for consumers to explore the new power and magic Leap Motion brings to computing.”

On release the Leap motion sensor will support Windows 7 and 8 as well as OSX 10.7 and 10.8. It will also allow users to access the Airspace app store where “users can discover optimized software across a wide variety of categories including gaming, music, education, art, productivity and more.”

Source: Engadget


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