Does Microsoft have a Surface Mini tablet in mind?


Microsoft’s recently-launched 10.6-inch Surface tablet is probably not going to stay the same size if recent comments by Microsoft CFO Peter Klein are any indication.


Speaking at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference yesterday Klein said that, depending on what consumers want from the company, Microsoft is prepared to either increase or decrease the size of the Surface tablet. He said of Windows 8 and RT “We can have the same core code base driving form factors from four inches all the way up to 27-inch ones and everything in between. ”


“So I think we are well set up to respond to demand as we see it. We can deliver a versatile set of experiences across form factors, whether they’re four-inch, five-inch, seven-inch, 10-inch or 13-inch.”


This, along with recent comments by Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer where he stated that Microsoft was not going to leave any tech territory explored by Apple to Apple alone, seems to suggest that Microsoft’s next target might just be the growing 7-inch tablet market that is making inroads on its 10-inch counterparts.

Source: AllThingsD


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