Rebel Alliance gets its own X-Wing Kickstarter


Kickstarter recently featured a project to get an open-source Death Star made, which is doing quite well with £228,301 out of £20,000,000 raised so far.

However, not to be outdone, the ‘Rebel Alliance’ has also taken to Kickstarter in order to counter the threat of the possible orbital weapon and their monetary goals are slightly smaller in scale. The new project will be building a prototype X-Wing and providing training to a single pilot. The cost of something like this? An estimated $11 million. And they’ll be adding iPhone and Siri integration to the spacecraft to boot.

The Rebel Alliance Kickstarter is obviously also a joke, filed in response to the Death Star effort, but it has managed to raise $172,596 so far. The Empire is still ahead of the rebels at this point, with $305,626 in funding (at today’s exchange rate), but they have a much larger goal to attain so it could be termed an even race at this point.

Stretch goals for the Rebel Alliance include making an entire squadron of X-Wing fighters (if they can amass the same amount of cash the Star Wars films have raked in) and the creation of the Millennium Falcon but that will have to wait until the creation of a new currency.

The project’s creators are looking for 13 million Galactic Standard Credits before they get started on Han Solo’s ship and they’d also look into genetically engineering a Wookie at that point, apparently. A prototype Y-Wing bomber is also on the list.

Source: CNET


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