More next-gen Xbox rumours surface


Expectations of new hardware from both Sony and Microsoft are driving the console gaming rumour mill hard and fast. The latest report, from a generally credible source, has something new to say about Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox console which is widely expected to be announced before the Electronic Entertain Expo in Los Angeles this year.

Internet user SuperDAE, who has provided accurate gaming-related leaks in the past, told Kotaku that Microsoft’s new console will feature the Kinect motion control and camera system as a required peripheral rather than the optional piece of hardware that it is now. The Kinect, which “must be plugged in and calibrated for the console to even function”, will reportedly be included with the new console. This bit of information would make sense considering Microsoft’s advertising ambitions with regards to the Xbox brand. On the upside, the Kinect 2.0 will apparently boast improved specs and body detection features, meaning that Microsoft might actually use the gaming tech as more than a novelty on their own system.

The new Xbox will also feature more storage space, with 500GB being the smallest available option. Installations from the game disc to the hard drive, which will be mandatory, will apparently take place while users are playing the game itself. The new Xbox will also be able to multitask, a first for the system that could cement its role as a complete home entertainment unit.

Microsoft, of course, has yet to confirm any of this or previous rumours that indicated that the company has the knives out for the used games market. Sony’s big announcement takes place on 20 February, possible kicking off the next-gen console gaming arms race once again. We’ll likely only get accurate info from Microsoft following Sony’s event.

Source: Ars Technica


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