Twitter adds a LOLcats language option


In what is either an endearingly cute or absolutely horrifying move, Twitter has added a LOLcats language option to the micro-blogging service.

Those who have no fear of misplaced vowels and badly-mangled sentences are able to log into TWITTR, which is essentially the same service with added cutesy misspelled alterations to familiar options.

Fortunately making use of the LOLcats version of Twitter won’t automatically render everything you type suitable for a humorous cat image, users will have to take responsibility for that themselves. Instead options like ‘Who to follow’ have simply been capitalised into something like ‘HOO 2 FOLLOW’.

There isn’t much of a point behind the new feature, aside from adding a small amount of goofy fun for people who spend a lot of time browsing Icanhascheezburger? and related websites. TWITTR can be accessed via the drop-down language option under Settings in Twitter. It is marked as a beta so Twitter may just be planning that ‘autocorrect to LOLcats-speak’ thing after all.

Source: Engadget


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