Vodacom to launch Free4Sho prepaid on 10 February


Vodacom has a new prepaid plan set to start from Sunday, 10 February, that will allow users to extend their talk time considerably for a fraction of the price the call would normally cost.

The prepaid addition, called Free4Sho, will comprise several products and services, the first of which is a price plan for prepaid customers called Vodacom Daily Free Calls. Daily Free Calls involves users paying a flat rate of R1.20 per minute for calls to all networks but that isn’t the best part.

Only the first three minutes of the call will be charged for and users will be able to talk for the remainder of an hour free of charge. Should the call extend over an hour, the first three minutes of the next hour will be charged for and then the free minutes will kick in again.

Vodacom CEO Shameel Joosub said in a statement “Vodacom Daily Free Calls is simple, easy to use and offers great value to our customers. Customers will pay as little as 6 cents per minute and this not a promotional offer, it’s a brand new prepaid price plan suitable for customers who make longer calls.”

Prepaid Vodacom users will be able to change their prepaid price plans once Vodacom Daily Free Calls is active either by calling 1181 or by dialling *111# and selecting the Freechange option.


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