UK F1 fans will get final preseason tests in 3D thanks to Sky Sports


Formula 1 fans in the UK are in for what Sky Sports is calling a “world first.”

The final preseason tests for this year’s F1 season, set to take place at Circuit de Catalunya from 28 February to 3 March, will be broadcast on Sky3D in 3D. Unfortunately the broadcast will be confined to the UK so local fans will have to make do with ordinary HD.

3D has been tested for Formula 1 before but it has never been previously broadcast. Sky Sports has reportedly said that the 3D broadcast of the F1 tests is a once-off event but Formula One broadcasts have been undergoing upgrades since 2011 so it is possible that 3D motor racing will become a permanent fixture soon.

Sky F1’s Martin Brundle said “3D will show us the real challenges of the race track with added depth and perspective. It will be a new, immersive experience for viewers and I can’t wait to see what F1 action in 3D will reveal.”

Source: Engadget


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