Halley VI Antarctic research station is looking a bit Star Wars


Scientists in the Antarctic will soon have a new place to call home thanks to the efforts of Hugh Broughton Architects. The architectural firm have come up with the Halley VI Antarctic research station, which looks a lot like a prototype of the AT-AT walkers from The Empire Strikes Back.

Despite looking like a concept drawing from the battle of Hoth, the Halley VI Antarctic research station is engineered to be able to survive the problems that other research stations situated at the South Pole have encountered. Four previous stations have been lost to ice and snow build-up over the years, which can amount to around a metre a year and which eventually destroys the research station.

The new station comprises eight pods, which are connected, and each pod sits on top of large skis. These are connected to hydraulic legs that are used to liberate the station from the year’s buildup of snow. The skis allow the station to be moved if need be. The station consists of research areas, living quarters and the red pod is a communal living area that features a hydroponic garden, climbing wall and other features intended to help scientists stave off “winter-over syndrome”, a depressive condition brought on by the extended periods of darkness, high wind and sub-zero temperatures.

The Halley VI Antarctic research station officially opens tomorrow.

Source: Engadget


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