Google’s stock hits a new record high


Google’s shares took a jump late last week following the reporting of the company’s fourth quarter earnings, hitting a new record high for the web giant.

Google’s stock hit a high of $775.32 last week, beating out their previous best of $774.38 which occurred in October last year.

After clearing up a few misunderstandings concerning their impending sale of Motorola Home Google’s earnings, announced on 22 January, for Q4 were above expectations and this, perhaps along with the company’s announcement on Friday that they have created a €60 million Digital Publishing Innovation Fund, drove stock prices up.

The newly-launched Digital Publishing Innovation Fund, part of Google’s agreement with French news websites, is designed to “help support transformative digital publishing initiatives for French readers”. Google also announced that they will be using their advertising tech to help French publishers increase their online revenue.

Source: AllThingsD


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