Google Glass will possibly use vibration to transmit audio


Details have become available on some of the capabilities of the Google Glass project, thanks to papers filed with the FCC in the States last week.

Some of the features include 802.11 b/g 2.4 GHz WLAN and a low-energy Bluetooth 4.0 radio but the most interesting feature is one that could mean that Google Glass will transmit audio to users via bone conduction.

The idea of bone conduction, which uses vibration on a user’s head that is in turn converted into sound when detected in the inner ear, isn’t a new concept at all but Google’s FCC filing hints at a commercial use on their part: videos transmitting audio to users via a vibrating element. Taken with a recently awarded patent for the company, it is entirely possible that Google intends to use a method of indirect bone-conduction speaker for the Google Glass headset.

Source: Ars Technica


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