BlackBerry’s Superbowl ad – What BlackBerry CAN’T do


BlackBerry’s latest ad for the new Z10, aired during the 2013 Super Bowl in the States yesterday, has veered into the esoteric as far as American advertising goes.

Rather than attempting to cram details of the phone’s features and capabilities into a 30-second TV spot, BlackBerry and its ad agency instead opted for a visually appealing but almost nonsense approach that details what BlackBerry’s latest device can’t do. This includes: setting the user on fire (unscathed), turning the user’s legs into elephant legs, turning a careening tanker into a large number of rubber ducks and making the user vanish is a puff of coloured powder.

Throughout the ad the BlackBerry user is making use of the Z10’s functions, even if the results are unconventional. It’s a clever approach to take to marketing the device, though it remains to be seen whether American consumers will feel that way.


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