BlackBerry pulls over 1000 app partners for BB10


If nothing else, the newly unveiled BlackBerry 10 will be well stocked with apps.

At last night’s reveal event for BlackBerry 10 the company, now officially named BlackBerry, announced that over 1,000 of the top app partners would be making their content and apps available through the BlackBerry World app store. Gaming ( Rovio, Gameloft, Electronic Arts), business (Bloomberg, CNBC, Reuters), lifestyle (AccuWeather, DStv Mobile), media (AFP, News24, The Guardian) and social network apps have all seen well-known brands join up with the BlackBerry World store.

Martyn Mallick, BlackBerry’s Vice President of Global Alliances and Business Development, said at the event “Being able to announce 1000 of the top app partners is a testament to the strength of BlackBerry 10, the ease of developing for this powerful new platform, and the remarkable opportunity that it represents for developers and brands alike.”

“We have focused on bringing the most relevant apps to BlackBerry 10 – whether they are global leaders in their categories, or whether they are regional must-have apps. We are thrilled and want to thank all the developers that have shown such strong support of a platform before it has commercially launched. We share in their excitement and belief in BlackBerry 10.


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