Castle Lite going high-tech at Feel the Beat of Sub Zero


What do Castle Lite, NFC, social networks and Kanye West have in common? For one, they will all be connected at the upcoming Feel the Beat of Sub Zero event, which is being held in Johannesburg this weekend.

The event, which stars Kanye West, will see concertgoers equipped with an RFID wristband which stores each individual’s Facebook login details. These are designed to interact with one of 24 Castle Lite social media installations, allowing them to update their Facebook status while at the event or upload images that can be taken at some of these stations, removing the need for logging in via a mobile device.

While RFID has been used at concert events in South Africa before, the current implementation will be a first for the African continent.

Digital manager for Castle Lite Nandus du Plessis said “The RFID transmission enables you to connect the real world with the online world, serving as an automatic trigger for status updates and photo uploads without the individual having to drop out of the experience to interface with any device. This will create an uninterrupted real world experience at the event. We expect to reach approximately 1,5 million people via Facebook through consumers sharing their experiences using this technology”


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