Q4 2012 was a good quarter for smartphones


Mobile analyst firm Juniper Research has come up with a global estimate of all smartphones shipped in the fourth quarter of 2012 and the numbers are looking good for everyone. Samsung is particular is thought to have had a good time in Q4 2012, accounting for about a third of the devices shipped with an estimated (and record-setting) 63 million smartphones shifted over the period.

Global smartphone shipments as estimated to have passed the 200 million unit mark for Q4 2012, bringing the year’s total to 671 million devices. Samsung, thanks to the Galaxy S III which shipped 40 million units in November 2012, scooped up 30% of the total phones moved while Apple came in second place with 47.8 million smartphones. This number was lower than expected for Apple but it still amounted to a record quarter for Cupertino.

Nokia shipped 6.6 million smartphones over the fourth quarter, of which 4.4 million were the Lumia line of products. RIM’s results for the period, which are not yet final, are expected to total 6.7 million devices shipped.



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