LTE usage to rise, 1 billion smartphones to ship in 2013


Deloitte’s Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT) predictions have outlined some stats that indicate that mobile tech will continue its upwards trend in 2013, including a record-setting number of mobile devices expected to be shifted throughout the year.

Deloitte’s projections forecast that some one billion smartphones will ship in 2013 but that an increasing number of these devices will not feature a data connection thanks to users opting not to make use of the function. Those that do have a data connection on various mobile devices will contribute to a tripling of the number of LTE users as coverage expands, something that South African’s are already seeing with the rollouts of LTE access around the country.

Advertising on mobile devices is expected to split, dividing itself between tablets and smartphones with ad revenues for 2013 being estimated as $3.4 billion and $4.9 billion respectively. Sales and usage of 4K televisions will increase, though not at a rate that will trouble existing TV models until content made to take advantage of the technology becomes more widespread.

Deloitte’s TMT report also claims that desktop and laptop PCs, while only constituting a fifth of combined PC, smartphone and tablet sales, will remain the most-used pieces of technology in the home, accounting for 80% of internet traffic as well as 70% of time spent using one of the above-mentioned devices.


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