Casio details EX-ZR1000 camera


Casio has detailed their newly-available EX-ZR1000 16 megapixel point and shoot camera. The EX-ZR1000 features the company’s EXILIM HS 3 engine, which Casio claims gets rid of blurring caused by shaking.

The device boasts a 1/2.3-inch high-speed CMOS sensor, 12.5 x optical zoom and a 24mm wide-angle lens and Casio says that the camera has “revolutionised high-speed photography” thanks to its ability to take images at 0.26 second intervals. They are also claiming 0.15 second times for the camera’s focus to sort itself out and these speed increases are attributed to a new reconfigurable processor and a vector graphics core.

The EX-ZR1000 also automates pretty much everything a user might want with its Premium Auto Pro mode, taking in a shot’s location, lighting and subjects and selecting settings based on what is in front of the viewfinder and stabilising the camera if required. A 3″ TFT LCD display lets users tweak settings and line up shots while the lens-mounted function ring lets users “set the exposure value (EV) shift, shutter speed, manual focus, and white balance”.


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