Facebook intros new Graph Search function


Facebook yesterday announced, at a press conference at Menlo Park, California, a new function for the social network called Graph Search.

Unlike a tradition web search using search terms, Graph Search will allow users to enter a query which will return results based on the information provided on profiles belonging to people within their social network. So a query like ‘Which people do I know that listen to [insert band/music genre]’ will return a result.

Graph Search will also return results on people connected to people that users know of Facebook, provided they have made their posts public, potentially allowing people to connect with each other even more.

Ars Technica points out that the new feature could swing one of two ways, depending on the user. Some users may add even more personal information to their profile to better participate in searches while others may remove as much information as they can from Facebook, to insure that they do not appear in any of the Graph Search results.

Facebook is rolling out a limited beta of the feature today. Graph Search will initially only be available in English.

Source: Ars Technica


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