TLDR wants to summarise your news on desktops and mobile devices


TLDR is, at the moment, a web browser plugin that summarises the content on a web page at the touch of a digital button but the creators have also got an app in the works for iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices.

TLDR or tl;dr stands for ‘too long; didn’t read’, an acronym that originated online which is typically aimed at longer forum posts or comments. Plugin and app developer Stremor have co-opted the acronym, hoping to get users their news in chunks suitable for reading when there isn’t time.

The way that the plugin works is via something called Liquid Helium, a “foundation layer that interprets language to evaluate content context, value, authority, sentiment, meaning, and relationships.” The end result is that it picks out excess words and sentences in a given web page, compacting an article to a user-selected length.

The developers have reportedly submitted the mobile app version of the plugin for approval so it should be heading to various apps stores soon. Those interested in seeing what TLDR can do for their morning news surfing can nab the browser plugin now.

Source: CNET


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